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Adweek honored the fastest growing agencies of the year at LinkedIn. Presented by Resulticks, panelists shared career insights, talked about the evolving narrative of agencies, and discussed the changing needs, challenges as well as expectations of marketers. Honorees across categorizes also enjoyed an awards ceremony and networking cocktails.

Hylink’s Humphrey Ho, managing director, North America, with team.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek

(L. to r.) Mike Romoff, head of global agency and channel sales, LinkedIn; Jeff Litvack, CEO, Adweek; Lisa Granatstein, editor, svp of programming, Adweek; Lynn Bader, director, North American agency relations, LinkedIn.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek

Zev Norotsky, founder, Enter.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek

Meryl Draper, co-founder, CEO, Quirk Creative; Teneshia Jackson Warner, founder, CEO, Egami Group; Mae Karwowski, founder, CEO, Obviously; Tom O’Keefe, founder, CEO, O’Keefe, Reinhard & Paul.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek

Redickaa Subrammanian, founder, CEO, Resulticks.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek

Attendees celebrating.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek

Joy Collective’s Kelli Richardson Lawson, CEO, chief joy officer; David Ho, vp, social strategy and analytics; Orlena Nwokah Blanchard, president, COO.

Sean T. Smith for Adweek


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