Create Uniqueness: How to turn a passion into a business, September, 2019 reviewed

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Riccardo Pozzoli, a serial startupper, author, revolutionary in the field of influencer marketing and one of Italy’s most famous celebrity entrepreneurs. The author of Create Uniqueness: How to turn a passion into a business, a recounting of his inspiring entrepreneurial story, from ambitious intern to becoming one of Italy’s most admired entrepreneurs.


  • The author, Riccardo Pozzoli, co-founded the fashion phenomenon The Blonde Salad at age 23. He is now regarded as one of Italy’s most admired entrepreneurs.
  • Essential advice for anyone looking to create their own start-up company for the modern market. The Italian edition has already inspired the launching of many new startups.
  • The book includes exclusive insights from insiders at DepopDeliverooConde Nast and Rolling Stone.
  • Written by a pioneer of influencer marketing who has lectured on the subject at Harvard University and Columbia University.
  • Offers exclusive insights learnt from his entrepreneur success story in the modern age, from influencer marketing, thinking global, innovation, to the startup process.

At 23-years-old Riccardo Pozzoli was interning in a marketing office in Chicago. One evening, he brought the domain The Blonde Salad and his business partner published their first post. This was just the start of an incredible business journey, which has gone on to turnover millions of Euros, and just three years later, has now led to Riccardo lecturing about his business to students at Harvard University and Columbia Business School.

Create Uniqueness: How to turn a passion into a business

Create Uniqueness: How to turn a passion into a business, is a recounting of Riccardo Pozzoli’s inspiring entrepreneurial story, from ambitious intern to becoming one of Italy’s most admired entrepreneurs. It shares all the lessons he learned along the way, and provides an inspirational guide to help readers turn their own passions into a business.

This practical guide to starting a business in the modern age is perfect for first-time entrepreneurs. Riccardo shares practical advice on turning any passion into a profitable business, including everything from:

  • Using social media channels and influencers effectively to engage with audiences.
  • Learning the importance of positioning and telling your story.
  • Securing funding for your start up and the different ways of doing this.
  • Building long-term relationships and creating constructive partnerships.
  • Creating your own uniqueness and developing your individual commercial DNA.

The book contains insightful contributions from insiders at businesses who have found booming success in the modern time, from Depop to Deliveroo. At the heart of the book is one clear message – anyone who is willing to take a chance on themselves has the makings of a startupper – it is an eye-opening read which has already inspired the opening of many startups through its publication in Italy.

Create Uniqueness, Reviewed

This book is short, coming in at 150 pages. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is pithy, gets to the point and has some good insights, including sharing those experiences when it didn’t all go swimmingly. We enjoyed reading it, and the anecdotes and examples always help to differentiate a book, and ensure that it is more than just theory. He did enter the blogging market at a good, early strategic time, so you do wonder how much good timing was a fortunate factor for them. But of course, if you’re not in it, then you can’t win it.

It is snappy and a quick read and may offer you the relevant insights you need to encourage, inspire and motivate you to keep going with your own business venture. Once you have ensured that your own business is a logical and achievable goal, then a lot of entrepreneurship is about simply keeping going and persevering, even when you experience bumps in the road. It is impossible to get everything right, all of the time, so patience and stick ability are perhaps more under-rated than they should be. Pozzoli‘s narrative does a good job of reminding you of these values, and so it’s a good reminder of what it takes to succeed by reading this book.

Create Uniqueness: How to turn a passion into a business by Riccardo Pozzoli is out 03 September, published by Kogan Page, priced £14.99. For more information go to

About the author: Riccardo Pozzoli is one of Italy’s most admired entrepreneurs, a serial startupper, influencer and a revolutionary in the field of influence marketing. He began working in Chicago, where, at 23, he co-founded The Blonde Salad (TBS), he has since gone onto found Foorban and the Chiara Ferragi Collection. Riccardo has lectured on influencer marketing at Harvard University and Columbia University. He is a partner and advisor at Depop, the B-Corporation Treedom, and WAMI. Riccardo is also an ambassador for luxury brands Acqua di Parma and Fratelli Rossetti, as well as being the Influencer and Creative Director for Conde Nast Italia’s social media.

 About Kogan Page: Kogan Page is the leading independent global publisher of business books and content with over 1000 titles in print. Founded in 1967, its award-winning work offers books and digital solutions for professional practice and academic achievement. Its expert authors come from the most prestigious academic institutions, international commercial organizations and professional associations, delivering high-level, accessible and professional content in key subject areas relating to business and management. Kogan Page has offices in London, New York and New Delhi.

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