How marketers can retain better control over their brand message

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Retaining control over your brand in the digital era can be tricky. What with consumers reusing content and posting it as their own, it can be difficult for marketers to check that their brand materials are being used correctly. In a collaborative whitepaper between The Drum and Brandworkz, ‘When it comes to brand strategy, control is king,’ the question of delivering targeted, real-communications is explored, looking at ways that marketers can maintain a consistent message and culture despite ongoing complexities.

The report looks at the challenges businesses face, and the collateral through which they’ve created, using case studies of brands and agencies who have overcome these challenges and takeaway lessons for others to learn from.

The whitepaper also reveals that a lack of education and resource are some of the main reasons for brands lose control.

The report advises that all employees within a business should know what the company stands for and have their brand values clear, so that any misuse of brand materials can be easily spotted and corrected. Creating a centralised system could help to ensure all branding is consistent, however the report also suggests using software to keep track of its materials more easily. These can also be shared among internal teams and external partners to ensure that all messaging is in sync.

Brands need to also be aware of the rise in popularity of user-generated content, especially on social media where consumers post their experiences and interactions with brands. This means that brands need to be increasingly patrolling of this activity and respond as timely as possible to avoid a marketing mishap.

The report concludes with six key lessons for marketers to take on board when thinking about their brand strategies. These are simple and effective techniques for ensuring brands retain as much control over their messaging as possible.


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