Kellogg debuts a silly (but maybe also brilliant?) brand name: Thursday Wake-Up Call

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Just briefly: 
Oprah 2020:
A lot of people once hoped to see an “Oprah 2020” presidential campaign. Things worked out differently, and now “Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus” is the name of Oprah Winfrey’s national tour presented by WW, formerly known as Weight Waters. Read more in the Ad Age Marketer’s Brief

Shaq’s back: Can Shaquille O’Neal help Papa John’s turn around the pizza chain’s fortunes? The former NBA star is a Papa John’s board member and franchisee, and he’s also seen making pizzas in some new ads from agency Camp & King, Ad Age’s Jessica Wohl writes.

The corn syrup wars, continued: “A federal judge ordered Anheuser-Busch InBev to remove ‘no corn syrup’ from its Bud Light packaging,” Ad Age’s E.J. Schultz writes. That’s a victory for MillerCoors in the companies’ ongoing spat over corn syrup.

Headline of the day: “LeBron James, a Fan of Tacos, Seeks to Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday,’” from The New York Times

Creativity pick of the day: If you’re holding your ketchup bottle upside down and shaking it, you’re pouring it wrong. Ad Age’s Alexandra Jardine writes that Heinz Canada came up with “a clever packaging idea: it’s positioning the label to be upright only at the exact angle for optimum pouring,” which is 45 degrees. The label looks off-kilter, and anybody who walks by the ketchup shelf will probably be tempted to investigate the weirdness. 

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