Kind’s first TikTok Hashtag Challenge clocks nearly 20 million views in 24 hours

Oct 24, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


Since TikTok is still developing its advertising approach, Kind could keep prices low. Although Goon would not reveal pricing figures, she says advertising dollars were “virtually none,” besides influencer contracts, the terms of which Kind does not reveal. 

Kind produces the majority of its social content in-house, including post-production, with a 10-person team. TikTok content (@kindsnacks) is now part of that. Goon says Kind’s size and having an in-house social team were reasons the brand could start producing content for the platform so quickly. 

“A lot of other, bigger companies have to sell in to senior executive teams,” she says. I think as social media as an industry has grown up, brands are just a little more hesitant to break out, or may not have the resources. You’ve seen some fast food brands on [TikTok], some beauty brands, some celebrities. Once the celebrities join, that’s usually when you see the brands follow.” 

Kind founder Daniel Lubetzky, who says his kids are on the platform, quickly got on-board as well, says Goon. Lubetzky is actually featured in a few of the TikTok posts around the challenge, where he is seen dancing as his “unofficial entry” for the challenge.  


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