LinkedIn To Give Marketers Audience Insights Before Campaigns Run 10/02/2019

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LinkedIn has integrated three new tools into its audience platform to help marketers become more precise when it comes to targeting.

The platform already offers lookalike audiences,
interest targeting with Bing search insights, and audience templates. On Tuesday, LinkedIn introduced more sophisticated audience forecasting and reporting features to Campaign Manager.

Audience Forecasting, a feature in Campaign Manager, allows marketers to learn and choose who is in the segment. In the forecasting panel on the right of the dashboard, the data shows marketers
statistics on the number of professionals the campaign will likely reach based on specific criteria such as job function, seniority, and titles.

The feature is useful for marketers who have
created a matched audience based on web site visitors or customer emails and want to understand more about their demographics, said Andrew Kaplan, director of product marketing at LinkedIn. “It
happens before they click ‘launch’ on their campaign,” he said.



If marketers target financial services, director level or above, for example, the Audience Forecasting tool can identify
the industries and company names. The tool provides more detail into the composition of the audience.

The Boolean feature operates on and/or logic, with the focus on defining the target

For example, a marketer may want to target people with the job title Director in the software industry and those in the financial industry. Previously, within a campaign marketers
only could so by targeting Directors in Finance roles. Boolean targeting allows marketers to use one campaign to target directors in any job function across multiple industries.

During the
next two weeks, LinkedIn will add new metrics at the audience level for leads, Sponsored InMail opens and video ad views. Kaplan said demographic reporting has been one of the most requested
features in Campaign Manager. He said LinkedIn has invested in audience-level insights, but declined to provide details on how much has been spent.

This tool, which builds on demographic
targeting, enables marketers to see who is clicking on their ads, watching their videos, and more, he said.


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