One Digital Entertainment: To become a brand, it still makes sense to jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon

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Every business wants to become a brand and ensure it is the preferred choice among its customers. However, with the advent of social media, the traditional means of creating a brand may not work. In an interview with ET,
Gurpreet Singh, COO and Co-Founder,
One Digital Entertainment talks about why businesses should focus on getting their content strategy correct, the use of social media influencers and the effectiveness of the medium. Edited excerpts:

Economic Time (ET): We increasingly hear about the power of content and why it is important. But, how can content be used to create a business’ brand?
Gurpreet Singh (GS):
Content and Consistency cannot exist without each other and a business can’t sustain without the two. Nowadays, majority of the audience can sniff a persuasive sales pitch; especially the budding generation who is relatively anti-ads. On the other hand, the paybacks of good content strategies are irrefutable – it can pull your audience towards you, real time information, immediate feedbacks and, above all, sales. That one thing that the audience today absolutely loves to do is to share. So much so, that they are even willing to trust fellow strangers over a brand as long as they connect to it and is relatable.

A few key points to keep in mind while creating attractive content is to ensure that it is engaging, edifying, interactive and entertaining and appeals to the audience to share it further. Your uniqueness, your own distinction and your talent to bring emotions out of your audience that go beyond business is what will enable you to stand out. Each one of us speaks a unique language that echoes with our brands’ philosophies and campaign thoughts. The secret is quite open. Stick to your roots and you are relevant. The minute you try to jump away, you may lose the charm in your content. Consistency apart from good content is because experience adds learning and that is possible only with consistency – as and when a business evolves with generating more content they learn more from their journey. Consistency helps bettering your content, reaching out to more people, bring credibility and voice to the business, create an identity as well as trust from your consumers.

ET: How important is influencer marketing for the brands’ marketing strategy these days as compared to few years ago?
I believe that influencer marketing is one of the indispensable tools of marketing strategy in the current scenario. Over the period of time, this industry has become more matured and is expected to continue its upward trajectory in the years to come. Marketers’ propensity towards the influencing marketing has significantly increased from the previous year. Influencer marketing has become pivotal across the industries including fashion, ecommerce, travel, tech, health and many more. With seeing the current trend, a brand’s marketing spend in this space will increase positively. However, we will also see a lot of one time transaction relationships converting into long term strategic ones between brands and influencers.

ET: Can original content become an extension of a brand? What must a brand keep in mind before going down this path?
Brands like Redbull & Coke studio have already proven it. The advent of Zomato Originals & Flipkart TV, is an indication how brands are deeply involved with consumer engagement by creating regular content for digital audience. Brands need to take care of one most important aspect that consumers today are very democratic in their choice when it comes picking the content they want to consume. While creating the original content, they need to act like media house before and an advertiser afterwards

ET: What do you think about content creators’ community/industry in India and the role they have to play in changing times?
I believe that content creators community is very dynamic in nature and is having robust grip over the brands across the various verticals. Not just in India, there are few Indian content creators who are gaining popularity across the world and receiving a lot of accolades. It’s a close knit community where the creators believe in collaborating with each other to produce quality and effective content for the audience. It is a full time business simultaneously the creators are cognizant about the respective impact in the society. Its quiet pleasing to see the creators at such young age creating some amazing content, some of them addressing the social issues as well. One such example is Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane, a digital creator and an invitee by the United Nations in New York to launch her music video that speaks against online hate and bullying. Indian creators have already carved the niche in this space and there is no stopping it.

ET: Barrier to entry for social creators is low. This means there is an ever growing list of social media influencers. In this herd, is there a fear that effectiveness of a medium will be lost?
Every creator has his or her own niche. Audience loves to experiment different type of content, they enjoy different genre of content. With around 500 million internet users in India which is growing with a fast pace and considering India has huge variety of creators across different cities, therefore there is a huge scope of mainstream and micro influencers to flourish. At the end the audience wants someone they can relate to. Impactful content and consistency will drive the future of this community to the next level.

ET: You have recently started an initiative called Social Nation. Tell us about it?
To celebrate the vibrancy and power of digital content creators and the community in India, we have begun an initiative, Social nation, with its debut edition being held from October 19th -20th , in Mumbai. The festival was aimed at empowering the digital content ecosystem by encouraging the audience to interact and exchange ideas in real time and space with their social media timelines. A one-stop entertainment and interactive festival across two days, Social Nation witnessed performances by more than 100 artists from different segments like music, comedy, dance, poetry, and others. It also hosted multiple engaging hands-on workshops and panel discussions by creators. To make the digital world a tangible reality, the One Digital Entertainment network joined hands with Event Capital, a group company of Laqshya Media Group.


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