Study Finds Channel Disconnect Between Donors And Nonprofits 10/15/2019

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Almost three-fourths of nonprofit marketers assume that most people prefer to be contacted through Facebook. 

They’re wrong. In fact, 42% of donors like to hear from charities
via email, versus 40% for Facebook, and 21% who say emails inspire them to give again, according to  the Data-Backed Guide to Nonprofit Marketing report, a study by Campaign Monitor, done in
partnership with Qgiv.

In another disconnect, 49% of nonprofits think events are a preferred mechanism for donors. But only 4% of donors agree.

On the contrary, while 58% of nonprofits
believe that donors discover a group through events, only 18% actually do. And while 47% of groups say they get their biggest ROI from events, only 4% of donors will give again to the nonprofit after
attending one. 

“Finding the right channels through which donors want to be communicated with and implementing powerful storytelling techniques can have a huge effect on donation
conversion rates,” states Jessica Cronk, director of marketing strategy of Qgiv. 

Campaign Monitor and surveyed more than 1,000 donors and over 300 nonprofit organizations





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