This tourism campaign turned a Spotify playlist into a live experience

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New Orleans Tourism appealed to fans of the city’s music scene by creating a Spotify playlist, then inviting listeners to an exclusive private concert. 

Working with Spotify and agency 360i, the tourism board analyzed the “authentic” sound of New Orleans, based on fans’ listening habits, and created a special New Orleans playlist known as “Side A” back in June. It then used data from the Spotify playlist to select an exclusive group of listeners to invite to a private, live concert at the city’s iconic Preservation Hall.

Footage from the concert, which was documented by rock-and-roll photographer Danny Clinch among others, is being developed into a trailer, a new Spotify album called “Side B”, and a full-length film to debut in early 2020. New Orleans Tourism says it’s the first Spotify playlist to be recreated live, and also to be developed into a full-length documentary.

 “Music is at the heart of our great city and is universally loved by both residents and visitors,” says Mark Romig, president and CEO of New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation. “Our goal with the Offline Playlist and this iconic concert is to celebrate the diverse sounds of New Orleans at Preservation Hall and subsequently a live playlist on Spotify. This campaign gives us an opportunity to shed light on our artists, the rich music scene and the essence of New Orleans in a memorably authentic way.”


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