TikTok is banning political ads, Taboola buys Outbrain, plus the latest from the ANAs : Friday Wake-Up Call

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Just briefly: 
After a months-old Facebook employee Q&A session leaked to the public earlier this week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to live-stream Thursday’s session. In other Facebook news, the company introduced Threads from Instagram, a messaging app for close friends.

Streaming wars: Amazon and Walt Disney are fighting about the terms for carrying Disney apps in Amazon’s Fire TV devices, The Wall Street Journal writes. “Amazon is pushing for the right to sell a substantial percentage of the ad space on Disney apps, and Disney has so far resisted,” the report says.

Alexa-branded toasters?: “In late September, Amazon filed a trademark application for Alexa-branded home appliances,” Ad Age’s Adrianne Pasquarelli writes.

Sports Illustrated: TheMaven, which licensed the rights to Sports Illustrated’s print and digital publications, “moved to eliminate about 40 positions at the sports media bible as part of a broader overhaul,” The Wall Street Journal reports. That’s 25 percent of the staff. 

Hangover: A day after the announcement of Vice Media buying women-focused digital publisher Refinery29, Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco looks at “7 skeptical reactions to the Revicery29 deal.”

Recession?: How do you set a marketing budget in uncertain times? Ad Age’s Jessica Wohl asked the experts. Here’s one tip: “It’s always really important to partner with your CFO,” says Andrea Brimmer, chief marketing and public relations officer at online bank Ally. “You have to understand the economics of the company.” 

But then again, what recession?: “The National Retail Federation, which released its annual holiday sales forecast, says retail sales will increase between 3.8 percent and 4.2 percent during the last two months of the year, compared with the year-earlier period,” Adrianne Pasquarelli writes in Ad Age. Which is … actually pretty decent?

Goodbye: The outgoing North America Chairman and CEO of Deutsch talked to Ad Age’s Lindsay Rittenhouse about his decision to leave: He and his wife are “empty nesters and we had our 30th wedding anniversary. It was like, ‘I’m 60 years old, let’s see where a new adventure can take me.’”

Podcast of the day: Get to know Mary Pryor, chief marketing officer at cannabis brand Tonic CBD, as she talks about everything from how to convince climate change skeptics to believe to her hatred of pumpkin spice. Subscribe to the “Ad Block” podcast, hosted by Ad Age’s I-Hsien Sherwood and Alfred Maskeroni, on iTunes or Spotify.

Ad of the day: A new TV campaign from Thinx, the “period-proof” underwear brand, imagines a world in which men get periods too. Created by BBDO New York, the ad depicts such scenarios as a guy having to ask a buddy for a tampon, or even bleeding through his boxers in his sleep. The goal is to create empathy about periods, as Ad Age’s Alexandra Jardine writes. The campaign is set to air on 18 networks, and we bet there will be some interesting dinner-table discussions about it, so watch it here first.

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