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One of the Best Diss Tracks About New York Is Courtesy of … a Cincinnati Agency?

Yeah, New York is a stressful place to live. Not many will deny that. Cincinnati agency Empower keyed in on that in a recent recruitment video that throws some good-natured ribbing at the “City That Never Sleeps.” Channeling its inner-Lonely Island, the diss track tackles all the problems that come with living in New York and how joyous it is to live in one of Ohio’s largest cities. In addition to using the video to lure talent, the agency wants to make it clear to potential clients that talent isn’t just concentrated in big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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Big Tech Is Implementing More Privacy Measures

Thanks to public scrutiny and a changing market, companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are pivoting toward to protecting consumer privacy. Google will give users the ability to delete third-party cookies. Apple has declared “privacy is a fundamental human right.” While Facebook is trying to rebound following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Perhaps not surprisingly, experts like Ratko Vidakovic, founder of AdProfs, think Google could come out ahead, as restrictions put in place by CCPA could help entrench monopolies.

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Patent Filings for Generative AI Have Grown 500% This Year as Brands Test Its Potential

Brands are finding ways to use the same technology behind deepfake videos for something far less sinister. For instance, a recent Levi’s patent proposal would be for an artificial intelligence that would use neural networks to artificially create designs for rugged, worn jeans that could be laser printed instead harming the environment—each pair of jeans requires large volumes of bleach and 20 to 60 liters of water.

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Hyundai Motor America and Twitch Name New CMOs

On Friday, Hyundai announced the departure of CMO Dean Evans. On Monday, the auto brand already found his replacement. Angela Zepeda comes from Hyundai’s agency of record, Innocean USA, where she handled all of Hyundai’s creative and media operations. She will oversee all of the brand’s marketing and advertising efforts in the U.S. Meanwhile, Twitch didn’t move quite as quickly as former CMO Kate Jhaveri left for the NBA over the summer. The streaming platform finally has her replacement, naming Doug Scott, who previously led marketing efforts at the mobile platform Zynga, to the CMO position.

Read more: Twitch has a very concentrated audience, so reaching new eyeballs will be a priority for Scott.

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What Should First Time Mentors Know?

Kelly Bayett, co-founder and creative director, Barking Owl

There isn’t a box where everything fits perfectly from mentor to mentee. It’s important to listen to the story of the person you are mentoring and see where they can grow and how you can help them find their strengths. I am very cognizant of helping them see what is great in themselves, own that and be confident in it so they don’t feel like they need me, but they are secure enough to soar on their own.


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