Verizon to serve programmatic native ads on Apple News in UK, Australia and Canada

Oct 17, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


Verizon Media has signed deal with Apple to serve premium native programmatic advertising in the Apple News and Stocks app in the UK, Australia and Canada.

The deal expands Verizon Media’s native supply across its DSP and Native Marketplace. Native placements can be feed in-feed, in-stream or between articles.

This builds upon existing deals with Microsoft News and native advertising across its own brands like Yahoo.

Guru Gowrappan, chief executive of Verizon Media, said: “Apple News is a highly-personalized, curated news experience that shares our commitment to providing quality stories from trusted outlets to large audiences. We believe that such content experiences provide meaningful consumer engagement opportunities for brands with relevant, engaging advertising.”

The group claims to have driven “11x the average engagement of a traditional banner ad” with its native ads.


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