Video’s editing blunder gives car brand some free advertising

Nov 14, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


The wrong advertisement. Photo: screenshot of video posted by the Pear Video

Car brand Infiniti got some free promotion when a video platform wrongly edited a video that was meant to advertise an Audi product.

The editing gaffe has gone viral on Chinese social media, and other car brands have tweeted Audi asking the company to give them some free advertising too.

Tencent, the video platform, apologized to the car company on Wednesday, saying that the error occurred while uploading advertisement materials, causing mistakes in the video.

The platform has stopped broadcasting the incorrect advertisement, which was viewed 3,959 times at a total cost of 202 yuan ($28) to Infiniti.

A Sina Weibo user wrote that the wrong video turned out to be a good chance to advertise two companies.

Other brands such as Benz also asked Audi to give them free advertising, and prepared their own promotional videos. “My friend, please insert an advertisement for me,” Volvo said to Audi on Sina Weibo.


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