8 Courses to Take to Make a Move in Digital Marketing

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Take online courses in areas covering SEO, voice, and content to prepare for your next role in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the fast-expanding aspect of marketing that involves anything with a digital element. That includes work in social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital advertising. If you’re looking to move your marketing career forward, or even get into marketing from some other field, then gaining skills in the discipline’s digital elements is an excellent career move. Even better, you don’t need to go back to college or business school to do it. There are plenty of quality courses in these subjects available online.

“Digital marketing encompasses any type of marketing that involves an Internet-enabled device and related technology to deliver advertising, messaging, content and/or communications to engage new or existing audiences with the goal of building business value,” said Heidi Cohen, Chief Content Officer of the Actionable Marketing Guide.

Staying current in digital marketing can be challenging as it moves just as quickly as technology. As an example, email marketing is exploding with products such as Salesforce Pardot offering features that let companies send automated messages if someone fails to open emails or has an e-commerce cart that’s left with products in it. Those capabilities are being bolstered by artificial intelligence and data analytics to not only better understand your marketing data, but also forge closer relationships with prospects and customers.

Online learning sites, such as Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and even YouTube have plenty of web-only courses available to teach you what you need to know for your next digital marketing role. Here are some recommendations.


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