Content Marketing Stats: What You Can Learn from Top Marketers

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Content marketing is an area that is constantly evolving. Being a good marketer means that you need to keep learning, forgetting, and re-learning skills all the time. 


The best way to do this is to observe what the best marketers in the world are doing and try to implement those things into your content marketing strategy. 

Here’s the deal:

Thanks to the infographic created by the team of content marketing experts at Review42, we have a first-hand insight into what worked in the previous year and what didn’t.


Let’s take a closer look!


Lessons Learned from Top-Performing Marketers

If you are still struggling with perfecting your content marketing strategy and getting more links and more engagements on your platforms, chances are that you are doing some things wrong. Check out what the top experts in the industry did right last year.


  • Putting the audience’s informational needs first. As much as 90% of top-performing marketers in the world put the focus on the informational needs of their audience first rather than on their own financial needs. Try to answer questions your audience is looking for answers to, and provide information that is still hard to come by online.
  • Give LinkedIn a chance. LinkedIn is an alarmingly underused platform among beginner and intermediate marketers. If you want to reach out to the audience that your competitors have still not tapped, LinkedIn is your best choice. 
  • Create a good email strategy. If you want to drive more traffic to your website or increase the sales of your products and services, you must compile a long mailing list. 


If you have found these pieces of advice useful, we advise you to take a look at the infographic below!



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