Extra Butter Bernie Gross Interview // ONE37pm

Oct 25, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


After years in marketing and the corporate world—while also moonlighting as a tried and true sneakerhead—Gross led with passion. In 2012, he joined Extra Butter as the creative director. His current duties encompass leading the art and marketing departments on private label products, collaborations, retail experiences and brand partnerships.


As the Fashion Institute of Technology-educated graphic designer adopted his new role, he saw inadequacies on Instagram. “We weren’t moving the needle in the way that we wanted,” Gross said. “We needed to make ourselves uncomfortable.” Now, the brand considers social media to be a tremendous asset. As a creative director, Gross is strategizing more significant storytelling moments, responding in the day to day with consumers and adjusting weekly for tone and attitude.


“Movie theaters gather hundreds of people together to enjoy the same product, and that’s what we do,” he said. But with sneakers.


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