How to use digital menus to lift sales in retail — a UX case study

Oct 13, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


Menus can not only display options, it is also a powerful tool to attract foot traffic by adopting User-Centred Design process.

Yin Zeng (Cindy)

Little Wu is a restaurant serving Chinese pancakes (Jianbing, 煎饼) in Canberra. This project was part of a bigger campaign that included video creation, social media marketing and menu redesign. The aim was to attract foot traffic by educating the food and culture to potential customers and providing clear menu options.

We reimagined the content and layout of the digital menu to reflect the core strength of the products. The solution was based on the current two TV screens in store, the video we have already created and Little Wu’s brand guideline. We adopted UX design process which included user research — prototyping — photo shooting — menu development and iterations.

1 Social Media Specialist, 1 UX Designer

Post-it Notes, Sketch, Sony a6400, iPhone, Photoshop, Final Cut

  • Prototypes
  • Professional photos of food products
  • Two high-quality videos used on menu screens

The whole campaign included video creation, social media marketing and menu redesign. It brought significant outcomes to Little Wu:

  • The views of our promotional video received 15k+ views on Facebook
  • Many positive feedback from customers on Facebook
  • A significant increase of local customers show up in the restaurant
  • The whole campaign lift sales by up to 20%


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