Roundtable: Students discuss vaping and marketing

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EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Federal Trade Commission has ordered six e-cigarette companies to submit documents containing its sales and advertising data.

The move comes as many have raised concerns over vape companies marketing tactics aimed at teens. Some local teens echo those concerns with frustration.

East Grand Rapids High School principal Craig Weigel agreed to let News 8 on campus to talk with a group of students about the vaping epidemic. 

The school district has held a series of community events
on vaping, bringing in health experts and inviting the community to ask

The students opened to their peers, charging their
devices in class and even sneaking a “hit” when there is a substitute

“I think a lot of the advertisements make it seem like a harmless thing like you’re stressed in school and this might relax you and make you feel all better,” said EGR High School senior Anna Knuble.

==Above, the teens talk about their experiences and perceptions==

“You see it all over social media as well, you’ll
see Snapchat videos of kids vaping and celebrities are doing it,” said EGR
High School senior Matthew Langley. 

“It’s not really easy for kids to come forward and get help. To get help, you would have to talk to a school counselor, which might get you in trouble, talk to your parent, which might get you in even more trouble. So, some kids might just stay quiet about it or no one really talks about it,” said EGR High School senior Katie McGraw.

If you’re struggling with a vaping addiction, here are some confidential resources designed to help teens and young adults:

Truth Initiative

My Life My Quit


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