Syracuse student teaches ‘pop-up class’ on becoming YouTube influencer

Sep 12, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


The Syracuse University student Margot Lee teaches an “unofficial pop-up class” on campus with a professor, sharing advice on how someone can start a successful career on YouTube.

Margot, who goes by Margot Lee online (she prefers to keep her last name private), is a senior at Syracuse and has 425,000 subscribers on YouTube. She teaches the class with her professor Corey Takahashi. In the class, she breaks down which strategies have worked for her YouTube channel.

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Margot has been on YouTube for six years, and her channel’s growth has recently accelerated. She’s gained roughly 100,000 subscribers in one year, from August 2018 to September 2019, according to data from Social Blade.

Margot has branded herself as a “college YouTuber,” working with brands like Sephora and Amazon on sponsorships.

Take a look at Margot’s slide presentation below:


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