The official Cats Twitter only follows one account, but it’s pretty perfect

Oct 25, 2019 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments


Here at The A.V. Club, we’re weirdly big fans of a particular kind of social media meta humor, a brand of surprisingly subtle big business marketing comedy that might best be referred to as “follower count jokes.” The greatest example of this particular breed of very dumb, easily concealed humor was pulled off a few years ago by KFC, and only emerged when someone noticed that the company’s official US Twitter account follows exactly 11 people, all of whom were either named Herb, or were members of the Spice Girls.

Several years later, this gag still remains Very Good, not least of which because it’s so uncharacteristically non-thirsty for a modern social media brand. Unlike Wendy’s inviting you to, like, fuck its burgers, It’s a joke that doesn’t take over your timeline with retweets or brashly ironic marketing language; it just sits there, waiting to be found.

Similarly, we were delighted to discover tonight—courtesy of Twitter user @imlianaflores—that the Twitter account for upcoming cinematic horror show Cats is also extremely selective about the accounts that it follows. In fact, it only follows one, and, well…

Screenshot: Twitter

Look, nobody’s saying this is a complex joke. But it did get a laugh out of us, even if the image of James Corden’s nightmare cat character running around a room, chasing after a laser pointer the size of the sun, does give us just a hint of pause. (Paws?) Pause.


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