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Good morning, PR pros:

The Walt Disney Co.’s streaming service, Disney+, released a now viral Twitter thread, touting its lineup coming to the service:

Twitter users jumped at the chance to embrace nostalgia through nuggets such as these:

The other element of the Twitter thread that brought Disney+ kudos is its length. Even TV Guide’s social media manager gave the team props:

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Here are today’s top stories:

WeWork to lay off 2,000 employees

The Guardian reported that the cuts account for 13% of WeWork’s workforce. Adding to the startup’s woes is news that its employees are complaining of a toxic work environment as well as the announcement that WeWork shuttered 2,300 phone booths across its locations in the United States and Canada because of high levels of formaldehyde. That is literally toxic.

Why it matters: Layoffs accompanied by news of an adverse work environment are a recipe for a deepening reputational crisis. Work with your internal comms counterparts now to foster a thriving, transparent culture, so that when disaster strikes, you don’t have to add that to your list of cleanup duties.

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Deloitte just released its 2020 Global Marketing Trends report, which focuses on seven elements that bring “authenticity to our digital age.” Those trends are purpose, human experience, fusion, trust, participation, talent and agility:

Image courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Deloitte.

Though some terms might sound like buzzwords, the report underscores the importance of the human experience, especially as more functions become automated and digitalized, which Deloitte reported can create an “experience debt” between organizations and their consumers.

With relationship building still at the core of PR efforts, increasing your organization’s authenticity through meaningful and trustworthy interactions should top your goals heading into next year.

LinkedIn introduces page features to boost employee engagement

On Tuesday, the social media platform introduced features that, according to a press release, help brand managers “tap into your organization’s most important asset—your employees.” These tools include “Employee Notifications,” which enable page administrators to alert employees of important posts they can share across their own networks, along with “Kudos” and “Team Moments,” which enable you to welcome new employees and spotlight accomplishments on your organization’s page. LinkedIn also limits the notification feature to once a week, so exuberant brand managers don’t spam employees with company news and highlights.

Along with features to better connect and celebrate employees, LinkedIn announced a page “Completion Meter,” which highlights missing fields and additional features you can use to attract more page views and interactions. When you complete your page, you can access additional features such as “Content Suggestions,” which “surfaces content trending within your exact target audience.”

 Why you should care: LinkedIn can help you connect with employees and other stakeholders, find new talent and boost your brand’s reputation. As with all social media strategies, the more you put into updating your organization’s page and consistently providing valuable content and information, the better your engagement will be. You can check out LinkedIn’s Pages Best Practices to start.

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Porsche and Boeing have partnered to build “electric Vertical Take Off and Landing vehicles,” exploring an element of travel that previously only existed on shows such as “The Jetsons”:

“Porsche’s marketing chief, Detlev von Platen, said that a move into the air-mobility space could be part of a larger vision for the company,” The Motley Fool reported. Though your organization is probably not looking into the “third dimension of travel,” the partnership can serve as reminders to embrace technological advancements and be on the lookout for ways you can team up with other organizations on initiatives that could open you to new markets.

Microsoft tests Xbox filters to reduce toxicity

 The new feature will first filter text messages on Xbox Live, but Microsoft aims to filter live audio calls, which could potentially add in “real-time bleeps similar to broadcast TV,” The Verge reported.

 Why you should care: Social media pros are often well-versed at working with social media platforms’ filters to cut down on inappropriate or abusive comments on their organizations’ pages and profiles. Microsoft’s new goal highlights the growing necessity of organizations to set standards and police community content to make the space friendly and inclusive for all audiences—a task that often falls to communicators. Make sure the rules you set are consistent and follow your brand voice and vision.

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We asked how you’d advise organizations such as the NBA to manage crises (or potential reputational risks) with regard to the Hong Kong protests. Forty-two percent of you said you’d recommend publishing an official statement, and 37% of you support your employees in voicing their opinions:

Here’s what PR pro Lyndon Johnson had to say:

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Where do you stand on moderating comments and content on your organization’s social media profiles?

Weigh in through our poll, and share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter with the hashtag #MorningScoop.



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    Ronald N. Levy says:

    Compare the seven aspirations outlined by Deloitte—purpose, human experience, fusion, trust, participation, talent and ability—with the three aspirations in the Spanish toast: “Salud, Dinero y Amor!” (health, money and love).

    Deloitte’s report—that the seven aspirations “bring authenticity to our digital age”—illustrates why top companies rely for PR more on PR firms than on accounting firms.

    PR firms focus on authenticity no less than accounting firms. But PR firms see “authenticity” in what most people care about most—an important reality when management wants to be seen as not only authentic but successful in serving the pubic by helping the public to attain the public’s aspirations.


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