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I am 20 years old and will soon complete my BA. I am confused regarding my postgraduation and career. I am inclined towards arts and literature. Psychology also interests me, and I want to pursue my masters in psychology and apply for the post of professor. But, my parents want me to pursue Law or the civil services. Please guide me. – Anon

Dear Anon,

Law and civil service are safe choices for postgraduation and lucrative as well, and perhaps, that is where your parents are coming from. But since your interests are in arts, literature and psychology maybe you should pursue your master’s in either of these and continue to have healthy conversations with your parents about wanting to become a professor. Maybe they will see your passion come though and support your choice, eventually.

I am 16 years old and am in class Xll (Humanities). I am interested in social issues and want to purse a career in the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). Please suggest some good colleges offering courses for BA in Delhi, and what exams must I attempt, in order to gain admission into these colleges. – Karthik A.S.

Dear Karthik,

IAS is one of the prestigious services among 24 services such as IPS and IFS in India that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts in the form of the civil services exam, to select candidates. Getting into IAS is not easy considering the competition involved, but not impossible either for a candidate with the right attitude and approach. An officer selected into the IAS gains exposure in diverse roles such as that of a collector, commissioner, head of public sector units, chief secretary, cabinet secretary, and so on. Not only do the experiences and challenges of the job make it interesting, the scope of making positive changes in the lives of millions at the grassroot level, makes IAS a unique career choice. The UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE), spread across a year, is challenging, considering the depth of syllabus and competition involved. It comprises three stages: Prelims, Mains, and interview.

I — Preliminary (objective) — usually conducted around June.

II — Mains (written) — conducted around September-October.

Those who clear the Mains will have to face an interview/personality test. The result usually comes at the end of May. The number of candidates who apply for the UPSC CSE every year is approximately about 10 lakh, out of which around five lakh candidates appear on the exam day (prelims). Every year, only around 1,000 candidates are selected for all the 24 services combined.

For your BA in Delhi, DU’s North and South Campuses offer some brilliant courses across many differently profiled colleges. There are also many more affiliated colleges that have some good courses and subject choices. However, admissions to the same are subject to cut-off scores for that year in the particular subject/stream. So, you must stay focused and keenly observe what the trend is like. Good luck.

I have finished my BA in functional English and I am trying for a job-oriented course. I am confused about my options. Please help. – Sahala Sherin

Dear Sahala,

You could choose from a master’s in mass communications, social media marketing, public relations to MBA, or opt for a profession in writing. Law is also a choice.

I am a second-year BA Economics student from Delhi University. I am desperately looking for a good internship opportunity. Although I came across some really good options, my resume stands as a barrier to apply for them — I feel that it is not strong enough for the companies to consider, and also my class X and XII marks are not too impressive. How can I improve or upgrade my resume so that I can apply for such internships? — Monica Ravikumar

Dear Monica,

I greatly appreciate the fact that you are trying to break barriers to solicit a good internship. You have to just keep at it and not give up. The class X and XII marks do not matter anymore. What in your resume is a deterrent according to you? Work on that. Identify skills that you can enhance and fine-tune them. Look out for opportunities in college, local neighbourhood newspapers, or malls to sharpen your analytical skills — for instance, how are you with respect to reviewing data, observing patterns, and drawing logical conclusions? Work on your communication, writing, critical-thinking skills, and math.

Find online groups and network with groups specifically looking out for interns on social media to identify leads and opportunities in your field. Put the word out across friends, relatives and social contacts that you are a keen learner and are looking out for interesting opportunities; something will click.

Disclaimer: This column is not a substitute for long-term therapy. It is merely a guiding voice. Some issues may need medical intervention.

The writer is a practising counsellor and a trainer. She will answer questions sent to The subject line should be: ‘Off the edge’


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